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Product design & development

There is no suitable insulated container for your cold chain product on the market?

We will design and produce the best fitting solution for your needs.

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Blood transport

You are looking for a more safe way
to transport your blood products?
You want to get ridd of your expensive cooling trucks?

Our BlueLine Series is on of the safest systems
used by blood banks and hospitals
to transport all blood products wthout acitve cooling.

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Qualification and Validation

You need help for qualifying and validation
of your cold chain logistics?

We assist you design qualification, process qualification
and validation of the entire logistic process.

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Logistic solutions for Pharma Resellers

Your are operating many logistic hubs to distibute cold chain medication to pharmacies?
You have up to 300 shipments per day?

We are on of the market leaders in central Europe
in providing the entire cold chain logistic solution.
We can provide cooling elements and taylor made
insulated boxes e.g. for 2 to 8°C shipments.

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You want to record your product temperature
during the entire transport?

ThermoScan 2.0 or myThermoScan.net records
all temperature data with a traceable certifacte.

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Pharmaceutical manufaturers

You produce a medication or pharmacutical product that requireds cold chain or temperature stable transport?

We are a well know German company that provides transport solutions including the preconditioning and high level after sales service.
Some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies world wide ship their products with our transport solutions.

Product Portfolio

Fit for purpose!
For each temperature labile payload we can offer the right insulated box with delta T cooling elements.

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  • Transportsystems for Pharma

  • How blood banks transport blood

    BlueLine Flipbook
  • From Idea to Product

  • High Thermal Capacity Fluids

  • Insulated Shippers for Pallets

  • Temperature Data Logging

  • myThermoScan.net

  • Standard Products Overview

    Catalog flipping book

The delta T Cold Chain Team

Whenever you have to transport a life sciences product under temperature controlled conditions:
We are the people to offer you the best solutions and services for world wide temperature stable transport.

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